Camper Furniture Kit Nv200 Mattress Pack Included

Camperize Nv200 with Custom Camper Furniture Kit in pearl gray with mattress pack included in dark gray.

Valid for versions Nv200 and Evalia, if it has rear air conditioning it must be specified.

Material Dm Waterproof in pearl gray, treated for humidity and condensation.

The table leg can also be placed in the corner.

Camper furniture to keep the 5 seats operational.

The cabinet can be raised and lowered from the vehicle literally in 10.15 seconds.

And it can even be taken to ITV

It consists of everything that is seen in the photograph. Bed, Custom Drawer for Campingaz kitchen, Table valid for interior and exterior and several trunks, compartments for Fridge and luggage with top and front opening.

And the position of "hammock"

Video demonstration and explanation.

700.00 €
excluding shipping cost