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Berlingo, Partner, Vivaro, Traffic, Combo, Caddy, Kangoo, Nv200, Nv300, Transporter T4, T5, T6, Caravelle, Multivan, Transit Custom, Jumpy, Spacetourer, Scudo, Dokker, Traveller, Expert, Proace, Tourneo, Talento, Combo Life, Rifter, Doblo, Vito, Viano, Primastar, Hyundai H1...All models.

Custom Camper Furniture Kit For all vans.

Nv 300
Nv 300

 Camper Furniture Kits:           

Simplicity and practicality on the agenda.


  • Sliding drawer to the right.
  • Turntable in Middle.
  • 12v outdoor shower box on the left.

At the rear:

  • 3 more trunks, one of them designed for a 12v fridge.

They are suitable for the I.T.V

They keep the 6 seats of the van, and if they are not available, it does not matter we put a folding leg :)

Functional, if at any time you need to have the trunk for any need, the furniture is lowered from the vehicle in a matter of seconds.

We adapt to all pockets, our idea is to be able to reach everyone who really wants to undertake, detach, enjoy every moment. We make the same furniture, the same KIT in different materials, the furniture as I say is the same, the difference is in the quality of the material.

Mini Camper Furniture Kits:

*MDF Hidrofugo 400 € VAT Included.
*Pearl Gray MDF 450 € VAT Included .

This material is waterproof, which means that it has been treated to prevent moisture and condensation. It has very good finishes.

*Poplar Plywood for € 499 VAT Included .

It is a very common material in the camper world, due to its great lightness and being strong at the same time, it has a smooth and fine finish.

* Phenolic Plywood for € 499 VAT Included

Material also widely used in the camper world, Phenolic means that this treated, which can be used on wood for boats, is waterproof. It is a light material but very strong at the same time.

Camper Furniture Kits:

In the version of the medium vans, we expand with the:

* Waterproof Plywood 

Characteristics similar to phenolic, but of inferior quality, more rustic, with a knotted face.

T5, T4, Vito, Nv300, Ford Custom, Traffic, Vivaro, H1, Scudo, Jumpy, Talento, Expert ... All medium, medium extra long ... 

  • Pearl Gray MDF 600 € VAT Included.
  • Poplar plywood € 700 VAT Included.
  • Phenolic Plywood € 700 VAT Included.  
Transporter T5,T6
Transporter T5,T6

All prices include VAT

Mode 2 + 1

All our Camper Furniture Kits, both the Mini Camper "Small vans" and our Camper Furniture Kits "Medium vans" can be made with the 2 + 1 variant.

As we explained, we have a clear, functional and very versatile idea, but we are open to refining it or adapting it. A clear example is the adaptation of all our Camper Furniture Kits to 2 + 1 models.

What are the 2 + 1 models?

Many of our clients are passionate about bikes, I confess that I share a hobby, but there are also many surfers and a variety of sports in which an additional space is required at times, and at other times a full bed is preferred.

Let me explain, we will use the Bicycle as an example.

When we go on the road by bike, and we want to sleep with the bike inside the vehicle, how do we do? Well, very simple in these cases the Camper Furniture Kit is made in 2 parts. Hence the denomination 2 + 1 the +2 is the largest part, using for example a current Mini Camper, a Berlingo, Rifter size M the +2 has a size of 75 / 80cm leaving a single bed and a space of 35 / 40 cm to be able to place the bike inside the vehicle.

The configuration is the same, but in reverse, kitchen drawer on the left at +2, table in the middle, valid for both indoors and outdoors and at +1 there is a trunk with a front and upper lid, being able to equip a removable drawer as well.

In short, 2 + 1 is very versatile when the full bed is required, the 2 + 1 is equipped because we go as a family, partner or accompanied, when we do not equip the +2 and we have an extra space to transport, equip a bicycle or whatever is required.

This adaptation in any of our Kits is included in the price.

Explanatory video, so that you can clearly see the 2 + 1 version.

Kits Equipment:

The Kits can be equipped with different options.

The Essentials, obviously the Camper Furniture Kit with Mattresses Pack to sleep, cook, use the mode, living room, hammock and with this start our adventures.

If it is true that we advise equipping the van step by step, each of us knows our life and circumstances better than anyone else.

That said, we place a certain emphasis on the 9-layer Insulating Blinds, since it is very noticeable both in summer protecting us from the heat, and in winter protecting us not so much from the cold, but from humidity and condensation, it prevents the Cold "stalls" us and obviously gives us excellent privacy.

Our recommendation based on our experience:

Camperize the van step by step, first experiencing and seeing exactly what it is that we and not others but ourselves with our life and circumstances need to live this adventure and based on that, step by step equip our vehicle.

That said, we recommend starting with:

Camper Furniture Kit with mattress pack and Insulating Blinds.

The following add-ons:

  • Custom-made mattresses and pieces to optimize the functionality of the dining room, living room, hammock mode.
  • Campingaz kitchen or higher.
  • 12v outdoor shower
  • Insulating Blinds.
  • 12v fridge.
  • 2nd Battery + USB / 12v Plug
  • Portable Toilet, Potti
  • Tripod to equip the table outside the vehicle

All-in-1 add-on highlights

Very useful accessories for the Camper world:

Modular Mattresses Pack:

In the first place we will place the modular mattress pack, we emphasize the modular part because they are designed to optimize the dining room, living room and hammock position, which from our perspective is one of the best positions of the Kit.

There are profiles of all colors, such as personalities and thoughts, but having the hammock position at sunset after a day at the beach, mountains, climbing, a bike route or simply city tourism, in our opinion is an exceptional pleasure. . The hammock position is like having a sofa to simply see the horizon, or the "garden of your portable house" or to put on a table or laptop and watch a movie or series.

Clarify that like all our Camper Furniture Kits, the mattress pack is made to measure for each vehicle.

Well said this, we are going to clarify a couple of typical questions that you usually ask us, which are:

Do you notice the joints of the pieces at bedtime? What material are the mattresses made of and do they have memory foam?

Answering the first question, in the vast majority of vehicles the joints are not noticeable, why? We make them to measure, it means that we leave the mattresses that reach from wall to wall, so that they are well peeled laterally that means that it looks like a single piece, the walls do not allow the joints to open since they act as a stop, and in Regarding the depth, we make the mattresses come out both from the part that touches the 2 doors or trunk lid and from the front in this way the mattress cannot be opened in depth because on one side the trunk is acting as a stop and ahead the pilot and passenger seats.

Regarding the 2nd typical question, our mattress pack is made of High Density Foam D30 of 8 cm thick , and not normally they do not have memory foam , because we do not particularly recommend it, it is simply our opinion, not an absolute truth but now we are going to detail point by point the reason for our opinion.

First of all Features of D30 high density foam:

Firm density of 30 Kg per cubic meter. It is recommended especially for seats, camper mattresses, upholstery in general, uses where greater strength and durability of the foam are needed. It maintains its shape and firmness. Multiple uses.

Why 8cm?

In the Camper World they range from 6 to 10 cm usually, we make 8 first of all because it is an intermediate, but mainly because our Camper Furniture Kits fit at 8 cm, with custom mattresses pack and the tray in the trunk. In this way no one can see what is inside the trunk.

Also note that the important thing is the density not the thickness, the thickness influences if it is true, but with 8 cm we know from our experience that they are suitable in terms of comfort.

A thought that people usually transmit to us is that if the wood was noticeable, and the answer is absolutely NO, the mattress pack is really comfortable, and we could explain anecdotes from different clients, with their satisfaction with them, but in the end the important thing It is your final assessment since each of us is unique, and that is why we invite all of you who are in the area to be able to come to our workshop and try the mattress pack in situ, and if you are not in the area, you can be calm and trust that they are really comfortable.

On the other hand, the issue of elastic visco, we usually do not equip visco precisely to maintain the 8 cm of which we have spoken.

With 6,8,10 cm the performance of the memory foam is not very relevant, and we think so because initially in our inexperience, we put memory foam in some of our mattress pack, not in all but in a certain number.

Getting to the point that even we at a family level made ourselves some "cushions for the house" for the sofa and for the living room with memory foam, and I can tell you subjectively of course that we at home had to open the zipper to see where the viscoelastic because we did not appreciate by the touch where it was. With that I tell you everything, for us a very clear placebo effect was generated, always in our opinion.

I started to invest in it, and looking for information about it, I discovered that memory foam is a mixture between foam and latex, and that it is very effective when it has solid bases with different layers from more to less and with relatively thick thicknesses. Take a look at home mattresses, there their effectiveness is really remarkable, because it has a much wider base and a larger visco layer.

I understood that camper mattresses are to make that effect in miniature, and that by doing it in miniature its effect is also "mini" and that in terms of durability, against the larger size, the base of D30, the greater the durability of the mattress pack. , avoiding forgetting that D30 high-density foam mattresses are firm and comfortable in themselves.

Price of the custom mattress pack for any van: € 200 VAT included.

Insulating Blinds 9 Layers with self-tapping suction cups:

Another extremely important item are the insulating shades.

First of all, they give us privacy. something fundamental.

And in 2nd place it insulates us very efficiently in our opinion especially from heat, but also from cold, in this second case especially from condensation and humidity.

We put a real example:

We made a trip to the Dolomites, a camper paradise by the way.

That being the case, one night we decided not to put the isolating blinds because there was no one around, it is a very wide area with many sectors where you can spend the night in many places with great landscapes and with a certain solitude.

Well, we woke up at midnight, cold and the blanket or duvet did not warm us, why? because the humidity "warmed" us, we put the insulating blinds and the cold evaporated, with the same blanket now we were already warm.

With this I want to convey that the cold as such does not isolate it if it were 7 degrees and inside it would have to be 12, it may be that that temperature rises 2 or 3 degrees, but it is the sensation of avoiding humidity, which is really efficient. With this I want to convey that if the insulating darkening is notorious in the cold, but that if you go to the Pyrenees in Winter almost in all probability you will be cold, there is no way around.

On the other hand, the heat is really noticeable in terms of temperature, it isolates a lot from the heat, you can leave the vehicle in the middle of summer in the SUN, that when you return to the van, it will be hot that's for sure, but the thermal sensation of relief It's very important.

Changing the subject and focusing on the properties of the materials of the insulating blinds.

Isoflex 9 layers material, cotton edging and high quality self-tapping suction cups.

The material, practically everyone uses the same, Isoflex 9 layers, here nothing to say we will not discover what has already been discovered.

But if highlighting and emphasizing the suction cups, as I said, many questions focus on the 9 layers, when it is common, what is not usual and is not usually paid attention is to the suction cups, as important as the 9 layers, because If you do not have quality suction cups, the 9 layers are useless, all or a large percentage and we, from our experience, have memories where some blessed suction cups detach or even very common also fall off and then find them god knows where.

That is why the self-tapping suction cups are so relevant for us, because they are threaded to the Asilante, they avoid being lost, and they are quality suction cups that most likely if it detaches is that the glass or the suction cup will have to be cleaned, but once clean they hook with much durability.

Price for all the models we make € 130 VAT included any van. (All the windows of the van).

Outdoor Shower 12v:

In our list of useful articles in the camper world, avoid missing the 12v outdoor shower and we explain why:

One thinks of an outside shower and thinks of synonymous with showering outside, but it is much more than that, if an outside shower helps you to shower outside if it is a monumental evidence hehe, but it helps you to brush your teeth, your face, the feet after the beach, the dishes ... in short, it is drinking water at our disposal.

It consists of 2 positions, the first and obvious one is it stretches out of the shower "flask" and allows you to shower or wash the bike ... etc.

The second and almost more important, allows fixed position of tap with switch that you can put the water bottle where you want practically because it has 4.5 meters of cable to connect it and use it as a drinking water tap.

It is very practical because with a 20L capacity and good pressure, it is manageable in terms of weight and you have enough water to shower 2 people and wash dinner dishes for example.

Price: € 60

Portable Toilet "Potti":

Another important one is our friend the Potti, for some essential for much not so relevant.

While it is true that it is not essential in some of our trips, it is true that in others it is more important.

There is not much to highlight in this article we all know what it is used for.

Just say that in all our models of Bespoke Camper Furniture Kits, a Potti can be equipped even in the smallest vans.

There are 2 models in particular that have a height of 30 cm and are suitable for Mini Campers, maintaining their good capacity to sit comfortably and in terms of liters.