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Experience the Feeling of Freedom

The approximate delivery time is 4 weeks

We ship to all of Europe

The shipments are palletized, the Kit is delivered assembled, you only have to undo the pallet and upload the Kit to the vehicle.

All prices include VAT.


We ship to all of Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany. Consult other destinations. 

They are palletized shipments, it means that it is delivered assembled, you only have to upload it to the vehicle.

It is delivered on special pallets larger than usual to protect the Kits well, strapped and protected at very affordable prices.

Wherever you are, we have templates for practically all vans, no measurements are required, it only requires reporting the year and model of the van.

With that information we send home delivery in a truly record time.

  • Camper Furniture Kit, Mini Camper Furniture Kit, Camper Kit for all types of small, medium and large vans.
  • New series of Camper Furniture in Pearl Gray with Dark Gray Mattress Pack included.
  • We also make Kits for cars, minivans, family, 4x4 :)
  • Our Idea is simple, very practical, with a certain detachment and functional.
  • The Camper Furniture Kits can be literally raised and lowered from the vehicle in 10.15 seconds.

  • And it can even be taken to the I.T.V.

  • It consists of everything that is seen in the photograph: Bed horizontally and in the position of "hammock, sofa", Custom made drawer for Campingaz kitchen and space for kitchen essentials and dry food, Table valid for indoor and outdoor, trunk or luggage compartment trunks with top and front opening.

  • Compartments prepared to measure for refrigerators with compressor or without compressor, Trunks prepared to measure to equip an outdoor shower of 12v of 20L or more, Trunk prepared to equip Wc, Potti
  • Kits with everything you need to undertake all kinds of trips and routes, from a weekend to ... months ...